22 October 2016

LinkedIn profile and Pitching video

For the final tasks of this course I did a Pitching video which is linked below. We also had to do a LinkedIn profile which I already had and here is the link for it: https://fi.linkedin.com/in/miraniemi 
I always try to update my LinkedIn profile and keep it accurate. 

I will be clad to hear if you know any jobs available or if your company is currently looking someone for a marketing job. 


27 September 2016

Digitality in business and answering questions

I wrote a few answers regarding to my course and please be aware of the long text! I wrote based on a three questions and I have my own opinions to these subjects so it just my own thoughts reflecting.

1) Do you see digitality impacting worklife?
I definitely see digitality impacting worklife! For the first reason in my opinion the world is changing because technology and digitality the same as worklife. With digitality there comes social networking, new phenomenon's like PokemonGo, new devices and programs. Nowadays no matter what you do for work, it is almost impossible to avoid any digital device or a screen.  Watch this video of desktop and you realize - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BpJamFkeVus

Looking at social networking and social media overall there are a lot of changing factors, for example marketing and selling happens through Internet and social media.  Like it is said in this article "10 advantages and disadvantages of social networking"  point three, companies use social networking to promote and that way they can reach large amount of people. They can market there surprisingly efficiently.  For this reason marketers and sellers warlike is definitely changing. As a marketer, is there any open job advert which not include "It's a plus that you can handle social media". And for thinking of the future, there is always going to be new devices and mobile phones developed over the years and all the time you have to have more of something. 

Unless I think that digitality and social media are so great, there is a big minus that everybody knows but most of us just ignores it - addiction. In work life this could be bad thing also: you might forget to be polite to your customer while watching your mobile phone screen, maybe you forget how to act face to face or working people in companies just watching their mobile phone and not doing any work. And what I have seen people can be so mean on the Internet, cyberbullying. I mean that the people you say bad about might be your next day customer and unless you might don't remember, the victim usually does. For my opinion is just don't say anything that you wouldn't say face to face. In the article I mentioned upper was a also good video about this subject! It's Prince Ea's and I have discovers his videos little while ago and the videos are really good and motivational. 

In this course's material there were a good advice from Jussi Rautjärvi, how to lead digital business. First he said that you have to define your starting point in other words where are your company in digital world. He's second point was to make things possible in your organization and with your people. For the last point he said that you have to create culture of measuring and testing all the time. 

2) What kind of opportunities Sani Leino describes about Augemented Realiy and PokemonGo? (Link to the article)

Leino's article claims for Pokemon Go to be biggest mobile game ever and I think so too. It has rapidly gave opportunities to businesses among. Can you actually believe that people are spending more time on Pokemon Go than on Facebook or snapchat! And the game was just launched at summer.  But back to the opportunities of the game - I have listed the best opportunities that Leino wrote and my opinion, below.

First maybe the best known opportunities for business is that for example bars and restaurants are gaining 30-500% increase because of Pokemon catchers are "luring" in the shops and catching pokemons. What I have heard that it just might be coincidence for these "lures"to be at some cafe, but after the game was launched companies have possibility to buy themselves to be Pokegyms. What I think it is a good way to attract customers. For my opinion Pokemon Go is excellent opportunity for small cafes and restaurants to gain profit and popularity which they might not have. I think that it is important to keep these small businesses alive and Pokemon Go helps that. 

Second thing is the augmented reality (AR) that are kind of competing with virtual reality (VR). Year ago we thought that virtual reality is going to be a big thing. But think about walking around with those VR classes on and playing Pokemon. For my opinion dangerous and I would be a little bit shamed to walk at the streets like that... So it looks like augmented reality is going to be the next big thing. I think that and also might bet on that there will be games like Pokemon Go more - or at lear it would be so cool. For example I was talking with my friend with the subject and came across and idea that think how cool it would be to play Harry Potter that way! Just a wild idea, but for real people are going to bored with Pokemon Go at some point.

Third thing is to reflect the second one when there is more games like this that would be go-to place for brands and marketers. In Sani Leinos text he mentioned only that Pokemon Go would like that go-to place but I think that there would be more games like that so why not market on them too. Think about that you are playing some AR game like Pokemon Go and there would be maybe sponsored locations. In that way some company's brand would be awareness of hundreds gamers on whose across that place. There are plenty of possibilities to advertise through those games and maybe there is ways that nobody has figured out yet but will be in the near future. There is also a possibility to advertise through the topic related goods, like phone cases that has a pokemon ball throw line. So why not to market through these. Unless these are themselves a good business idea, but likely not to last so long. 

Fourth and one of the important thing of Pokemon Go is that it makes people move more. Lack of exercise is a problem in the world among youngster and even kids. This is a good tool to get them moving in a fun way that they don't even realize it as an exercise. Exercising should be like that for my opinion and many fitness apps should take a notice what the Pokemon Go app is doing. I think that there could be many possibilities for apps to move people more but not necessarily name them like "fitness app" because the name might make people to hate it! 

Fifth and the last of the things that Leino mentioned that I find important is that people are connecting and creating communities. Did you know that in San Francisco, US, there where over 9.000 people gathering among Pokemon players. What a chance to local companies to make money, cafes, restaurants, hotels and shops. And maybe it's a long shot, but it is great way to network and meet new people and some day you'll hired by the man that you met on a Pokemon Go meet.  And there is already invented thing like PokeDates, which Leino mentioned. Really? Well, might be a good way to meet new people. 

But all in all I think that this is all AR and Pokemon Go is a good thing for us when we jus remember to be careful and keep our eyes open!
Please be aware what is happening around you!

3) What does professor Quesenberry mean by four-step social media framework in her Harvard review article "Fix your social media strategy by taking it back to basics"?

I agree with Quesenberry's article that there is no on fit social media strategy for all businesses. Every businesses need to find their own space in social media and what works just for them. This four-step framework that Quesenberry mentioned is a good starting point for every business and for my opinion to update social media. This article is so good for our project I'm working on with Camilla, Social media strategy for B2B company. We have been thinking that would it just be so easy if there is complete platform to use. But yes I realized that one that fits something else, doesn't fit on someone else.

First step is to define you status. One of the things what it means is that you need to identify your target market, next your industry. Take notice the resent performance of your brand  and find out what is current traditional marketing promotion for the product or service. For my opinion of course you can use the traditional way or a better option find a different way that no one have used yet. at this point it is good to just know the traditional way. Next you have to define your competitors. This what we did with Camilla, we created a competitor analysis that it would be easier to realized what is happening in the industry. Also what Quesenberry mentioned at this point, some companies might need a new image to their brand, because it might be old and doesn't fit for social media. There is a lot to think about when planning social media. 

Second step in the article was "Listen to your target audience". Basically it means that you need to find out what channels works for you. Which channels are your audience and what they do there. Also google where are your company mentioned in the Internet. That way you can find the channels where you want to listen and communicate. I think it is pretty important that companies are communicating in social media and not just keeping it up and posting once a week. So for my opinion you need to choose channels that you are able to track on. Don't take too much at once. But last step of this phase was that you also need to identify larger trends in social media use. Of course you need to know what are people doing there and you can attract their attention in social media. 

Third step of the framework is to create social media content that drives engagement. Based on the second step you need to know the channels you need and are able to maintain, you need to know you can post on these channels and what are the trends. Quesenberry claims good social media content to be fresh, relevant, short and current updates and maybe videos, depends on the channel. So you need to optimize the content to each channels. I agree with Quesenberry on this and for the addition don't be afraid to try something new, just keep it mind what your consumers want to read, share, watch or listen. Keep the customer in the center always! Don't just post something because you like it. In this article mentioned you can use monitoring services like hoot suite and HubSpot to help you monitoring your social media. I think there is a lot of good tools out there so just use them, they will help you a lot. 

Fourth step is to "link marketing goals to social media KPI's". Key Performance Indicators could be social media likes and shares or even website visit from social media content. There are more options if you use Google analytics social reports. Like I said earlier don't be afraid to use tools that could help you significantly. Before I haven't even realize how important it is to use all the analytic systems. But think about it if you don't keep track on these thing, you are more likely to fall of the rapidly changing social media trends. 


21 September 2016

Start of Marketing in a Digital World

I'm back in business! This time I attended to this course: Marketing in a digital world. It's my favourite subject of marketing so I'm kind of excited for it.  The next video gives something to imagine why marketing in digital world is important and why to attend to this course:

I have had many courses regarding to this subject, because after all it is one of my favourite subject. And still I think I have so much to learn. My main goal for this course is to dig deeper for this subject and find things that are new to me. 

For the background information: I chose this course because of this one project I'm working on with my friend Camilla. We are doing a social media strategy to B2B company that has no social media background at all. That is kind of challenging but on the other hand we can use our imagination and be creative. So I hope I'll be learning about social media strategy in B2B business and that is something I'm going to focus on this course. Marketing in B2B business is also new to me so I have a lot to learn.

I have few other goals for this course. I want to learn more about actual digital marketing, like what are good pictures in digital marketing and what are the current trends in digital marketing. I also want to learn about the programs, softwares and websites that I can find use to help me with digital marketing. 

I have a good vibe for this course and I think I'm going to reach my goals. This course seems interesting and there is a lot of useful information what I have seen this far!  My first thought about this course was excited and the feeling still continues and the feeling interested became along. 

Wait for the posts upcoming! ;) 

I did set my goals and I think I have a good plan to just do the best I can for this course.


13 December 2015

We are all digital masters

It is the last post of this blog and the digital business course is over. This week has been fun and I have had kind a mixed feelings about it. I feel like it is sad that it is the end and we have had so much fun but on the other hand I am really happy that it is holiday and I can finally rest since I have really given my all to this autumn and I'm really exhausted.

We had a big ceremony on Thursday at our school and we all presented our final presentations. On Monday we did present also the presentation to teachers and did assignment on our Future (what we are going to be in year 2020 and how see the digital course at it's best). We added few things to our final presentation on Tuesday which is video. Surprise. The video is amazing, really I love it so much. The is our journey during the course and we have filmed it all the way during this course and it really shows how fun we have had. We have been trying to be really creative during this autumn and we really did it! I'm so proud of the final video and I'm so proud of my team.

I really have to say that I have learned most about video editing and social media during this course. I remember that first things I did, I created my Twitter, improved my LinkedIn and I have used much more social media than before. I really have learned the importance of social media nowadays and it is really big marketing advantage to a company. When we also started to do our first video of this course, I had used iMovie once or twice and I never uploaded the videos to YouTube or else. I really have learned a lot about editing and also filming videos. And I have realized that it is so much fun doing these videos and this is not the last video I/we are going to do. I'm going to continue it for the rest of my life, it is so much fun.

We also did a little short film for this course and we wanted to be really epic and dramatic. That is how it effect to people and stays in their mind and attracts their attention. So we founded the perfect music and used the best part of this course which we had filmed and did really epic ending. We actually filmed the ending on Monday with teachers and I love. The ending was just like we wanted to be. Originally we were supposed to do 15 sec video but it turned out 30sec. I learned from that it is really hard to do so short video and still make it like it tells something. But I'm really proud of the final solution and happy for it because the video was just perfect. So here it is for the next:

On Monday and Tuesday we also did a little video for our partner company Emotions Tracker and you can see parts of it from the final presentation video. The video was for company's marketing and we did it in really short amount of time and it really was good. So I guess we are also good under pressure. 

For all the learning I have learned so much and for examples I can say social media skills, video editing, SEO (search engine optimization), law issues (and creative commons), digital marketing strategy, blogging and so much about videos. We also had so inspiring lecturers during this course and will never forget Jaakko Alasaarela's and Camilla Tuominen's lectures, they were so inspiring and I will keep the learning in my mind forever.